Video On-Demand (VOD)


VOD is the answer for people on the move or with no DVD player. The video is streamed directly to your computer or mobile device, so you can watch it anywhere and anytime you have a good internet connection.

The Long Story Short VOD series is a new and exciting presentation of the long story of the Bible. Starting right at the beginning of time, it continues on to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Viewers are presented with a fresh and relevant big picture overview of the Bible. The cinematography is stunning and captivating.

The series starts off on the rugged west coast of New Zealand then continues on an epic journey around the world as we seek to discover the timeless story of the Bible. We visit the entrancing streets of Paris, the thriving metropolis of New York, the wonders of Dubai, the bustling marketplaces of Jerusalem, the sobering killing fields of Cambodia, and many other fascinating places as we delve deeply into the issues raised.

The story introduces us to God and what he is like. We look at the origins of the world and humankind, and then the tragic introduction of evil. Then to bring meaning and purpose to it all, we discover God’s rescue plan beginning with Israel and leading up to Jesus. Woven throughout the presentation is the relevance and power of the Bible for today.

The VOD series is packed into 11 episodes (20 minutes each), which are followed by 10 Q&A sessions (20 minutes each) succinctly addressing many of the big issues the story raises.

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